Finders Keepers

Shakedown CT - The Grateful Dead and Beyond
(Grateful Dead)
Classic Rock/Bluegrass/Jam Band
Members: Dave Frankel-Guitar/Vocals; Mark Haberfeld-Bass/Lead Vocals; Johnny Chang-Drums; Mike Pandiscio-Guitar/Vocals


 Let there be songs to fill the air  

​​Saturday, July 20, 2019

Gutless Wonders

​A blend of folk and blues, with hooks that will knock off your shoes.


Guaranteed to please, this neo-soul singer/songwriter has previously played with  Caravan of Thieves and Deep Banana Blackout.  You don't want to miss his performance at Forever Grateful.

Stella Blue's Band
(Grateful Dead)
Stella Blue's Band is a band on a mission. Attracting
both talented musicians and kind folks, a project born out of love for the music, and jamming for fun, Stella has evolved into one of the best touring tributes to the Dead on today’s live circuit

Members:  Bill Bonacci-Lead guitar/Vocal; Marc Loponte-Vox; Steve Liesman-Rhythm guitar/Vocals; Ken Aigen-Keys; Greg Solomon-Bass; Ron Cohen-Drums/Vocals

Tribute to Tom Petty and the Dead

Members:  Dennis Simonson; George Parow: Liam Glynn; Scott Merkel

The Trolls
Gutless Wonders

Uncle Ebenezer
Uncle Ebenezer are four musicians and Phish fans who are dedicated to spreading the joy and excitement of the live Phish experience. Combining accuracy and musicianship with whimsical performance, Uncle Ebenezer seeks to light up clubs and venues the way Phish did when they played intimate settings. The rich history of Phish's career and the part it played in Uncle Ebenezer's lives inspires them to recreate the sound, look, and feel of those amazing performances.
Members:  Josh Klein-Guitar/Vocals; Eric "Swinny" Swiontkowski-Bass/Vocals; Nathan Searing-Drums/Vocals; Shoheen Owhady-Keyboards/ Vocals

Brothers of the Road
Stella Blue's Band
Dead Dawgs
Red Planet
Uncle Ebenezer
Jen Durkin


​3 Stages

Brothers of the Road

(Allman Brothers)

Where Music + Friends = Family
Since 2006 The Brothers of the Road Band has performed for thousands of Allman Brothers fans from New England to Georgia. Concentrating on the music of The Allman Brothers the band has continually evolved through various musicians and period of focus from the early Live at The Filmore era to the more recent line up with Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes and Great Southern’s arrangements of Dickey Betts/Allman Brothers tunes.

Members:  ​Steve Fernandez- Guitar/Slide Guitar, Ray Wylock- Guitar,
Chris Pagano- Drums, Dan O'Connor-Drums, Dave O'Connor- Bass/Vocals,
Rob Biggers- Keys/Vocals, Sean Sullivan- Lead Vocals, Don Harris-Trumpet, 

Bill Harris -Sax, Josi Davis - Vocals, Turtle Goulart- Percussion

Union Rail

Red Planet

The Red Planet does a straight-up, no-nonsense jam that covers a variety of classic tunes from The Dead, Dylan, and The Band to Johnny Cash and other roots-based, country-fied, Americana-type, standards.

RGB - Rob Glassman Band

Jen Durkin Band

(Tribute to Janis Joplin)
 Rawkus funk heavy soul

Once upon a time, somewhere deep in the heart of Black Rock, CT, a powerhouse quintet was formed with the intention of bringing catchy funk tunes and foot-stomping beats to the ears of all.
​Members: Jen "Pipes" Durkin-Vocals; Darian Cunning-Guitar; Rich Zurkowski-Bass; Kris Yunker-Keys; Johnny Durkin-Drums

Dead Dawgs
The Dead Dawgs are a unique tribute to the Grateful Dead. Bluegrass and psychedelic rock meet as the Dead Dawgs work their way through Old and in the Way, Garcia/Grisman, Jerry Garcia Band, and Grateful Dead songs. Hey now!

​Members: Jeff Blaney, Nathan Day, Bryan Verrengia, Jay Vincent
Dead Dawgs

Finders Keepers
(Jerry Garcia Band)

All things Jerry and maybe some other stuff as well

Members:  ​Ken Aigen-Keys; Bill Bonacci-Guitar/Vocals; Bob Angilello-Bass/ Vocals; Chuck Balck- Drums; Mary Kohrherr -Vocals; Brigit Moynahan- Vocals

Finders Keepers